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our first public conference

Who's Responsible
for ChatGPT?
Building a Public Vision for AI

This free Zoom conference was held on August 3-5, 2023.


We talked about the values that should inform our thinking about the opportunities and risks of this rapidly accelerating technology, both locally and globally. 


Thanks to EngageAI and our sponsors at Indiana University, Bloomington: the Philosophy Department, the Cognitive Science Department, the Center of Excellence for Women & Technology, the College of Arts + Sciences, the Institute for Digital Arts & Humanities, and the Luddy AI Center.

Keynote: Quantification and the Limits of Scale

C. Thi Nguyen thinks about how technology and social structures influence our values and agency. His book Games: Agency as Art explores how games let us temporarily pursue different goals and values. Check out his interview on The Ezra Klein Show.

Panel: The AI Arms Race

Adam Briggle, Suzanne Kawamleh, Fiona J McEvoy, and Prateek Sharma discuss how we can slow down AI development and implement greater foresight and anticipatory governance. How do we get the good stuff and avoid the bad?

casual workshop series

Past Philosophy Hours
chats about our values

We work hard to keep things kind, constructive, and fun, without shying away from real issues.

Check out some of our takeaway slides from past workshops, and join the AI Futures work group at Indiana University Bloomington!

Past Takeaway Slides

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From "ChatGPT and Bullshit"

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