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Here's what we're thinking

We're writing a book

How can we live well with AI?


First, we need to figure out how to think about values more carefully.

It's not about getting the most value out of life.

It's about understanding how our conflicting values fit together.


But Big Tech understands value in optimization-obsessed, profit-driven terms.

And the dangers of optimizing include: narrowing our focus, distorting our reasoning,

and causing us to lose track of what we actually care about.​


We need to develop a democracy-driven alternative that considers

what kinds of people we want to be and how we want to live together in society.

We need to practice AI virtue ethics.

The working title is Living Well with AI. We'd love to get your feedback on an early copy!

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We're hosting a Philosophy Hour series

Zoom in with a small group of philosophers and interested thinkers for timely workshops on fast-moving issues. We work hard to keep things kind, constructive, and fun, without shying away from real issues.

Our next series explores the ideas in our book in progress, Living Well with AI.

Spots are limited. Sign up now!

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We're working on another conference

Join us to explore AI and the future of work and expertise.

Will AI take your job? Or make you more productive?

Will AI undermine your role as an expert? Or extend your expertise?

More information soon!


We'd love to meet up in nature

Dive into AI ethics during a week-long retreat in the pristine Boundary Waters of Minnesota.

Join us this spring for deep conversation, contemplative hikes, and canoeing through crystal-clear water.

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