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who we are

Our Mission:

Philosophy aimed at improving the lives of humans,

made accessible to humans.

Everyone is a philosopher.

(Including you!)

Our job is to help you become a better one,

so you can resist the bad thinking and bullshit around AI.

We're here to tackle real problems with simple language that helps us
clarify and fight for
our values.

Meet your human advocates

Cargile Williams

Cargile Williams


PhD graduate

I think a lot about moral responsibility and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Check out some of my ideas in The Prindle Post, The APA Blog, and my personal blog.

Ricky Mouser

Ricky Mouser


PhD candidate

I think a lot about why some ways of expressing moral conflicts are more illuminating or insightful than others.

I post weekly short-form thoughts here, though I think I'm better known for my dissertation on well-being and assholes.

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