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should we expect a
wisdom explosion?

Ricky talks about the eugenic origins of our ideas of intelligence, the difference between intelligence and wisdom, and whether we can expect a wisdom explosion with the development of superintelligent AI.


the podcast

philosophy jam

Join Ricky and Kjell as they chat with graduate students about their work in progress before it’s all footnoted and bulletproof.

So far, we've discussed sports and democracy, political rioting, and the differences between our game values and real-life values. In upcoming episodes, we'll discuss AI ethics, moral responsibility, and more!

You can follow us on all major podcasting platforms:


work group

AI Futures

AI Futures is an interdisciplinary work group exploring the social, economic, political, and ethical impacts of AI.


We meet on Wednesdays at 2 in Maxwell Hall at Indiana University Bloomington.


Join us for coffee and snacks!


educational card game


Try the beta version of an educational card game designed to teach students different ways to object to bad arguments.

For 3-5 Players, Middle School and above. Each round takes about five minutes, and there are enough arguments supplied for six rounds.

The game comes with a short lesson plan that can be expanded. You can even construct your own bad arguments for students to analyze—just make sure at least four kinds of objections work against your bad argument!

*Game pictured with printed cards tucked into card sleeves on top of standard playing cards.

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